377 T-code trong SAP hay dùng (ERP) – Transaction code ERP

tcode la gi transaction code danh sach sap tcode Các thuật ngữ quan trọng trong phần mềm SAP (ERP)

T-code trong sap là transaction code giống như lối tắt để đi tới các tính năng/ lệnh/ tác vụ trong phần mềm SAP ERP. Danh sách SAP t code được chia thành 14 nhóm với tổng 377 t-code.

1. Tóm tắt danh sách nhóm T-code trong sap

Budgeting (4) – Ngân sách
Customer Information (6) – Thông tin khách hàng
Vendor Information (5) – Thông tin nhà cung cấp
Document Entry (2) – Nhập chứng từ
Document Information (14) – Thông tin chứng từ
Grants (18) – Phân quyền
Master Data Information (38) – Thông tin master data
Open Text (4) – Mở chuỗi
Payment Document Information (5) – Thông tin chứng từ thanh toán
Payroll (94) – Lương
Purchasing Documents (60) – Chứng từ mua
Reports (122) – Báo cáo
User Name Display (1) – Hiển thị tên người dùng
Work Orders (4) – Giao dịch nội bộ

2. Chi tiết từng nhóm t-code trong sap

FMX1 – Create Funds Reservation
FMX2 – Change Funds Reservation
FMX3 – Display Funds Reservation
FMX6 – Funds Reservation: Manual Reduction

FBL5N – Customer Line Items
FD03 – Display Customer (Accounting)
FD10N – Customer Balance Display
FD10NET – Customer Balance Display
FD11 – Customer Account Analysis
OV51 – Display of Changes for Customer

ZFI_PARK_FROM_FILE – Post a Parked Doc from a Spreadsheet
FV50 – Park G/L Account Items

GM_BDGT_RELEASE – Gm Budgeting Release Process
GM_DISPLAY_BUDGET – Display GM Budget Entry Document
GM_SETS_GRANT2 – Change Grant Group
GM_SETS_GRANT3 – Display Grant Group
GM_SETS_SPCLASS3 – Display Sponsored Class Group
GM_SETS_SPPROG1 – Create Grant Group
GM_SETS_SPPROG2 – Change Grant Group
GM_SETS_SPPROG3 – Display Sponsored Program Group
GMAVCOVRW – Overview of GM AVC Values
GMBDGTOVIEW – GM Budget Overview
GMGRANTD – Grants Master – Display Only
GMPROGRAM – GM Sponsored Program Master Data
ZGM_AR_OVERVIEW – Grant Billing Overview Report
ZGM_CLOSELY_RELATED – Closely Related Grants
ZGM_DEPTCS_RPT – Cost Share Funding Report
ZGM_GRANT_FUND – Report grants with funds
ZGM_LOOKUP – Look up responsibility for grant
ZGM_PAYMENT_REPORT – Grants Payments Report

ZECM_BUDGETDOCS – Budget Entry Documents
ZECM_FAC – FAC Documents with Attachments
ZECM_FIDOCS – Financial Documents with Attachments
ZECM_PODOCS – Purchase Order Documents


FB02 – Change Document
FB03 – Display Document
FB04 – Document Changes
FBL3N – G/L Account Line Items
FBV2 – Change Parked Document
FBV3 – Display Parked Document
FMBB – Display Entry Document
FMEDD – Display Entry Document
FMEDDW – Drilldown for Budget Entry Documents
FMRP_RFFMEP1AX – All Postings
FV53 – Display Parked G/L Account Document
FV63 – Displayed Parked Vendor Document
ZFI_PROCARD_DETAIL – Details of Procard transactions
ZFM_DOC_ENTRY_REPORT – Budget Document Entry Info Report

CJ03 – Display Work Breakdown Structure
CJ13 – Display WBS Element
CL30N – Find Objects in Classes
CN43N – Overview: WBS Elements
FM_SETS_FICTR3 – Display Funds Center Group
FM_SETS_FIPEX3 – Display Commitment Item Group
FM_SETS_FUNCTION3 – Display Functional Area Group
FM_SETS_FUND3 – Display Fund Group
FM_SETS_FUNDPRG3 – Display Funded Program Group
FM5S – FIFM: Display Fund
FM6S – FIFM: Display Application of Funds
FMCIC – Display commitment item
FMMEASURED – Funded Program: Display
FMSC – Display Funds Center in FM Area
FS03 – Display Master Record
KA03 – Display Cost Element
KA23 – Cost Elements: Master Data Report
KABL – Order: Planning Overview
KAH3 – Display cost element group
KB13N – Display Manual Repostings of Costs
KO01 – Create Internal Order
KO02 – Change Order
KO03 – Display Internal Order
KO12 – Change Order Plan (Overall, Year)
KO13 – Display Order Plan (Overall, Year)
KOB1 – Orders: Actual Line Items
KOBP – Orders: Plan Line Items
KOH3 – Display Order Group
KOK5 – Master Data List Internal Orders
KS03 – Display Cost Center
KS05 – Cost Center: Display Changes
KS13 – Cost Centers: Master Data Report
KSB1 – Cost Centers: Actual Line Items
KSH3 – Display Cost Center Group
OORA – Create Room
ZCCWBS – Cost Center report with WBS
ZFI_COBJ – Cost Object Details Lookup
ZPRIME – Scopes for prime grant

MB03 – Display Material Document
MB23 – Display Reservation
MB25 – Reservation List
MB51 – Material Doc. List
MB52 – List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand
MB53 – Display Plant Stock Availability
MB54 – Consignment Stocks
MB5B – Stocks for Posting Date
MB5T – Stock in transit CC
MB90 – Output Processing for Mat. Documents
MBSM – Display Cancelled Material Docs.
MC$4 – PURCHIS: Vendor PurchVal Selection
MC.1 – INVCO: Plant Anal. Selection: Stock
MC.2 – INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection, Rec/Iss
MC.3 – INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection,Turnover
MC.4 – INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection,Coverage
MC.5 – INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection, Stock
MC.6 – INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection: Rec/Iss
MC.7 – INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection,Turnover
MC.8 – INVCO: SLoc Anal.Selection, Coverage
MC.9 – INVCO: Material Anal.Selection,Stock
MC45 – INVCO: Analysis of Usage Values
MC46 – INVCO: Analysis of Slow-Moving Items
MCBC – INVCO: Stor. Loc. Analysis Selection
ME03 – Display Source List
ME13 – Display Purchasing Info Record
ME1E – Quotation Price History
ME1L – Info Records Per Vendor
ME1M – Info Records per Material
ME1P – Purchase Order Price History
ME1W – Info Records Per Material Group
ME1X – Buyer’s Negotiation Sheet for Vendor
ME1Y – Buyer’s Negotiat. Sheet for Material
ME23N – Display Purchase Order
ME2B – POs by Requirement Tracking Number
ME2C – Purchase Orders by Material Group
ME2K – Purch. Orders by Account Assignment
ME2L – Purchase Orders by Vendor
ME2M – Purchase Orders by Material
ME2N – Purchase Orders by PO Number
ME33K – Display Contract
ME3M – Outline Agreements by Material
ME3N – Outline Agreements by Agreement No.
ME53N – Display Purchase Requisition
ME5A – Purchase Requisitions: List Display
ME5K – Requisitions by Account Assignment
ME80 – Purchasing Reporting
ME80FN – General Analyses (F)
MELB – Purch. Transactions by Tracking No.
MIGO – Goods Movement
MIR4 – Call MIRO – Change Status
MM03 – Display Material &
MM04 – Display Material Change Documents
MM60 – Materials List
MMBE – Stock Overview
MR51 – Material Line Items
Z_MMEBAN – Requisition Status Report
Z_MMEKPO – Open Purchase Orders (ALV)
Z_MMOPEN – Open Purchase Orders
Z_PMEKPO – Open purchase for PM


GR55 – Execute Report Group
/ALG/GTK – Easy Reporter
/ALG/PSA – Easy Help Desk
/ALG/RESTK_EXTREP – Process external report
/SPIN/EHD – Easy Help Desk
/SPIN/ER – Easy Reporter
FS10N – Balance Display
FS10NA – Display Balances
OKENN – Display Standard Hierarchy
S_AHR_61016207 – Posting to Accounting: Wage Type
S_AHR_61016356 – Time spent in pay scale group/level
S_AHR_61016358 – Reference Personnel Numbers
S_AHR_61016360 – HR Master Data Sheet
S_AHR_61016362 – Flexible Employee Data
S_AHR_61016369 – Employee List
S_AHR_61016373 – Headcount Development
S_AHR_61016374 – Nationalities
S_AHR_61016376 – Salary According to Seniority
S_AHR_61016378 – Assignment to Wage Level
S_AHR_61016491 – Existing Organizational Units
S_AHR_61016493 – Organizational Structure
S_AHR_61016494 – Org. Structure with Positions
S_AHR_61016495 – Org. Structure with Persons
S_AHR_61016497 – Existing Jobs
S_AHR_61016498 – Job index
S_AHR_61016499 – Job Description
S_AHR_61016500 – Task Description for Jobs
S_AHR_61016501 – Complete job description
S_AHR_61016502 – Existing Positions
S_AHR_61016503 – Staff assignments
S_AHR_61016504 – Position Description
S_AHR_61016505 – Task Description for Positions
S_AHR_61016509 – Vacant/Obsolete Positions
S_AHR_61016511 – Complete Position Description
S_AHR_61016512 – Report Structure Without Persons
S_AHR_61016513 – Report Structure with Persons
S_AHR_61016522 – Existing Tasks
S_AHR_61016523 – Activity Profile for Positions Along
S_AHR_61016524 – Activity Profile of Positions with P
S_AHR_61016527 – Existing Objects
S_AHR_61016528 – Structure Display/Maintenance
S_AHR_61016529 – Structure Navigation Instrument
S_AHR_61018869 – Periods of unoccupied positions
S_ALN_01000003 – Annual Budget Vs. Commit./Actual Lin
S_ALN_01000079 – Master Data Index for Grant
S_ALN_01000159 – Master Data Index for Sponsored Prog
S_ALN_01000160 – Master Data Index for Sponsored Clas
S_ALN_01000161 – Master Data Index for Grant Sponsors
S_ALR_87012077 – Vendor Information System
S_ALR_87012078 – Due Date Analysis for Open Items
S_ALR_87012079 – Transaction Figures: Account Balance
S_ALR_87012082 – Vendor Balances in Local Currency
S_ALR_87012083 – List of Vendor Open Items
S_ALR_87012084 – Open Items: Vendor Due Date Forecast
S_ALR_87012085 – Vendor Payment History
S_ALR_87012086 – Vendor List
S_ALR_87012087 – F1
S_ALR_87012089 – Display Changes to Vendors
S_ALR_87012093 – Vendor Business
S_ALR_87012103 – List of Vendor Line Items
S_ALR_87012104 – List Of Cleared Vendor Items
S_ALR_87012174 – List of Customer Open Items
S_ALR_87012282 – General Ledger Line Items
S_ALR_87012284 – Balance Sheet/P+L Statement
S_ALR_87012301 – G/L Account Balances
S_ALR_87012326 – Chart of Accounts
S_ALR_87012328 – G/L Account List
S_ALR_87012993 – Orders: Actual/plan/variance
S_ALR_87012994 – Orders: Current Period/Cumulative
S_ALR_87012995 – List: Orders
S_ALR_87012996 – List: Orders by Cost Element
S_ALR_87012997 – List: Cost Elements by Order
S_ALR_87013611 – Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance
S_ALR_87013612 – Area: Cost Centers
S_ALR_87013613 – Range: Cost Elements
S_ALR_87013620 – Cost Centers: Act./Plan/Commitments
S_KI4_38000038 – Index of Funds Centers
S_KI4_38000039 – Index of Funds Centers
S_L9C_94000095 – Headcount Changes
S_P00_07000329 – Financial Statements
S_P99_41000147 – RFFMRE10
S_PH0_48000450 – Date Monitoring
S_PH0_48000510 – Ad Hoc Query
S_PH9_46000216 – Service Anniversaries
S_PH9_46000217 – Statistic: Gender by Service Age
S_PH9_46000218 – Statistics: Gender Sorted By Age
S_PH9_46000221 – Birthday List
S_PH9_46000222 – Family Members
S_PH9_46000223 – EEs Who Entered And/Or Left Company
S_PH9_46000224 – Education and Training
S_PLN_16000269 – Grants Management: Line Item Display
SQ00 – SAP Query: Start queries
ZAP_NONPOFEED – Non-PO Data Feed Report
ZCM_CEN_IFACE_REP – Central CM Interface Reporting
ZFI_ANALYSIS – Financial Analysis Report
ZFI_SPL_DETAIL – Special Ledger Detail report
ZGL_JVFEED – Journal Voucher Feed
ZGL_TRBR_BA – G/L Trial Balance-Bus. Area
ZGL_TRBR_FA – G/L Trial Balance-Funct. Area
ZGL_TRBR_FUND – G/L Trial Balance
ZGL_TRBR1_BA – GL Trial Balance by BA – all GLs
ZGL_TRBR1_CUM – Endowment and loan fund
ZGL_TRBR1_FA – GL Trial Balance by FA – all GLS
ZGL_TRBR1_FUND – GL Trial Balance by Fund – all GLs
ZMM_APPROVED – Worklfow Approver Display List
ZMM_BA_RPT – Business Analysis Report
ZMM_BSI_RPT – Blocked Subaward Invoices
ZMM_MAT_CON_RPT – Material Contract Report
ZMM_MATDESC – Material description
ZMM_MATDOC – UK Store MSEG download
ZMM_MATLIST – Material List
ZMM_MB51 – UK Material Document List
ZMM_OPENPO – Under received PO List
ZMM_PLANT_USAGE – Plant Level Consumption Report
ZMM_PO_REPORT – Purchase Order Report
ZMM_PO_TEXT_RPT – PO Item Text Report
ZMM_PROCARD_DISP – Display PROCARD Information
ZMM_PROCARD_SEARCH – Look up Procard by P number
ZMM_SUBAWARD_INV_HIS – Subaward Invoice History Report
ZMM_UNPLANNED_FRT – Unplanned Freight Costs report
ZMM_VNDLIST – Vendor list

FCH1 – Display Check Information
FCH2 – Display Payment Document Checks
ZFI_ACH_REGISTER – ACH Payment Register
ZFI_EPAY_REGISTER – ePayables Register
ZFI_FCHN – Check Register (AP)

CAT2 – Time Sheet: Maintain Times
CATS_APPR_LITE – Approve Working Times
CATS_DA – Display Working Times
PA10 – Personnel File
PA20 – Display HR Master Data
PA30 – Maintain HR Master Data
PA40 – Personnel Actions
PA51 – Display Time Data
PA53 – Display Time Data
PA61 – Maintain Time Data
PA63 – Maintain Time Data
PC_PAYRESULT – Display Payroll Results
PC00_M10_CALC_SIMU – Simulation payroll accounting 10
PC00_M10_CEDT – Payroll Remuneration Statement – 10
PC00_M99_CWTR – Wage type reporter
PC00_MNA_CC_ADM – Cost Center Report – Administrator
PIQ_ACCATLG – Module Catalog
PIQ_ACSTRUC – Program Catalog
PIQAGM – Edit Transfer Regulations
PIQCG – Edit Module Group
PIQCQ – Edit Internal Qualification
PIQCW – Edit Miscellaneous Academic Work
PIQEO – Edit External Organization
PIQSC – Edit Program of Study
PIQSM – Edit Module
PIQST00 – Student File
PIQSTD – Display Student Master Data
PIQSTTIMETAB – Timetable of Bus. Event Attendees
PIQSU – Edit External Subject
PO03 – Maintain Job
PO13 – Maintain Position
PO19 – Maintain External Instructor
PP01 – Maintain Plan Data (Menu-Guided)
PP01_DISP – Display Plan Data (Menu Guided)
PPO4 – Display Reporting Structure
PPOS – Display Organizational Plan
PPOSE – Display organization and Staffing
PPPD – Display Profile
PPPE_SEARCH_FOR_Q – Find Objects for Qualifications
PPPM – Change Profile
PT_ABS20_ATT – Attendance/Absence Data: Overview
PT_BAL00 – Cumulated Time Evaluation Results
PT_DSH20 – Daily Work Schedule
PT_ERL00 – Time Evaluation Messages: Analysis
PT_LEA40_ABS – Att./Absences: Graphical Overview
PT_QATT – Attendances: List
PT_QREM – Employee Remuneration Information
PT_QTA10 – Absence Quota Information
PT_QTAL – Employee Time and Labor
PT03 – Display Work Schedule
PT50 – Quota Overview
PT64 – Absence List
PT91 – Absences: For Multiple Employees
PT91_ATT – Attendances: For Multiple Employees
PUOC_10_CE – Off-Cycle Workbench USA CE
Z_TIMERPT – Time Reporting
ZCAT6 – Verify Time
ZCHKREG – Payroll Check Register
ZHR_0014 – Recurring Payment Report
ZHR_0015 – One Time Payment Report
ZHR_1018 – Position Cost Distribution
ZHR_ADDRESSES – Address Query
ZHR_ATTENDANCE – Attendance Report
ZHR_CHECKLEAVE – Check Leave Requests
ZHR_CHECKPAY – Check Payroll Results
ZHR_DISPLAYLEAVE – Display Leave Requests
ZHR_EQUITY – Hospital Equity
ZHR_FTE – FTE Report by Organizational Unit
ZHR_HIREREPORT – Hire Action Report
ZHR_JOBSELECT – Employment Job Report
ZHR_MASS_APPROVAL – Mass Leave Approval
ZHR_OBJ_ON_LOAN_RPT – Object On Loan Report
ZHR_PAYRESULTS – Payroll Infotype 9401
ZHR_POSATTR – Position Attribute Report
ZHR_POSCHANGE – Position Change Action Report
ZHR_POSTDOC – Post Doc Scholar and Fellowship Pymt
ZHR_SALREC – Salary Recommendation
ZHR_SEPARATE – Separation Action Report
ZHR_SHIFT_DIFF_RPT – Shift Differential Report
ZHR_STEPS – STEPS Time Feed Audit
ZHR_TIMEFEEDRPT – Time Feed Audit Report
ZHR_USER_ID – User ID and Email Report
ZHR_VAC_ACCR – Accrual Liability
ZHR_VACREP – Position Vacancy Report
ZHRFLEX – Flexible employee data report
ZI9REP – I-9 Report
ZPOS – Create Position
ZPY_LOG_PREPROCESS – Current Payroll PreProcess Log
ZPY_LOG_RETRO – Payroll Retro Log
ZT60 – Time Eval with a default Variant
ZVERXFER – Verify transfer time

ZSU01D – User Name Display


FBL1 – Vendor Line Items
FBL1N – Vendor Line Items
FK10N – Vendor Balance Display
MK03 – Display vendor (Purchasing)
XK03 – Display vendor (centrally)

IQS3 – Display Notification – Extended View
IW23 – Display PM Notification
IW33 – Display PM Order
IW3M – List of Goods Movements for Order


tcode la gi transaction code danh sach sap tcode

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